Mental Health Comics

Here is a list of comics and cartoonists I’ve read that are awesome mental health resources:

Ellen Forney’s book Marbles

Ruby Etc, Her comics are all available online and collected in her book

Things recommended by Graphic Medicine on their website and instagram
(I ordered “Trauma is Really Strange” and “When Anxiety Attacks” based on this and loved them!

Hyperbole and a Half (I love Adventures in Depression Part 1 and Part 2)

Leela Corman’s online comic, PTSD: The Wound That Never Heals

Erika Moen’s online comic, Hourly Comics Day 2017

Yao Xiao’s online comic, Baopu #32: Going to Therapy

Depression Comix

Some lists have been curated by other sites, googling “mental health comic” or “mental illness comics” “depression comics” etc, brings up several listicles.
io9: 10 Comics That Can Help You Understand Mental Illness
Huffpo: This Artist Absolutely Nailed It With His Comics About Anxiety
Buzzfeed: 21 Comics That Capture The Frustrations Of Depression
Bored Panda: This Comic Perfectly Explains Why Anxiety & Depression Are So Difficult To Fight

Please add your recommendations to this list!

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